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Yesterday I discovered some old photos from my last trip to Bucharest in late October, which I had completely forgotten about. Looking through them I have decided to make a shortlist of my favorite places from my hometown and make a photo/ travel diary entry about it next time I visit. Maybe I’m getting a bit nostalgic or maybe I just find any excuse I can to not do work, choose whichever.

Romanian National LibraryI’ll start with some photos taken at the new headquarters of the National Library of Romania which I visited for some research on my Extended Project Qualification (aka the most time consuming thing ever). Personally, I much preferred the old building in the historic center but this one is so much bigger and better equipped so you win some you loose some.DSC00599


DSC00612All through last summer and autumn they held the biggest exhibition of Romanian art in retrospect, a truly amazing idea of which I will hope to be many more. I love going to art galleries and museums and it just saddens me to see such a great initiative largely ignored by the public. Art really can build up a sense of patriotism and whilst I felt proud of my heritage I also felt a bit disappointed that not many people share this idea with me, but I hope that will change in the future.



DSC00662Following this, another cultural stop at Sol gallery , a new project started up by two of my parents’ friends. It’s a cosy little art gallery located on Jean-Louis Calderon street at nr. 26 and its concept is really great because their aim is to promote the Romanian artists (be them painters, sculptors or photographers), many of whom have achieved recognition abroad, in their own homeland. They have lots of different paintings exhibited and some are held in a deposit because of the limited space in the gallery but they have some really interesting things so I would definitely recommend it if you find yourself passing by :).



DSC00596I shall end the post with some autumnal outfit photos. And as I love autumn, especially in Bucharest when the leaves turn red and amber and it’s sunny and warm, I could not help myself but dress with the season in my new (amazing) Staccato shoes, Benetton trousers, PNK casual t-shirt, Uniqlo hoodie, French connection biker jacket and my trusty Fred de la Bretoniere bag.





Jynweythek Ylow

It’s days like those that make me love my ‘job’. I say job with inverted comas because not many people call volunteering that but hey, each to their own.

It basically boils down to this: since October I have been a volunteer for Somerset House, which is an amazing gallery within the Courtauld Institute in central London. I go there every weekend to help with the exhibitions plus on other evenings when they need extra people for events.

Some 4 weeks ago I received an email from my manager asking if anyone would be interested to volunteer for the ‘Valentino: In conversation’ event on the 30th of November, the day the exhibition Valentino: A Master of Couture was opening to the public. Needless to say, my reply had an endless number of exclamation marks and some quite embarassingly desperate pleas but they all payed off because I was selected to help out so no regrets there.

The event consisted in a hour-long conference at the Savoy with the master himself 🙂 followed by champagne at Somerset House and a viewing of the exhibition. Now, in the course of around 2 hours I ticked many things off my bucket list so I’m pretty hyped about that:

Valentino: In conversation

Valentino: In conversation

1) I saw Valentino himself. I was fangirling all the way and said ‘Ciao!’ because you only live once and he’s already 83 so by the time I (might) become famous he will probably not be around so better seize the moment

2) Saw the Savoy and oh my god I want to live there

3) Fringe benefit of my said ‘job’: exclusive viewing of the exhibition before everyone else. It was just so beautiful I cannot put it in words. The long corridor  lined with magnificent dresses from each decade, one more beautiful than the other, it’s so beautiful it’s actually emotional. Or maybe that’s just me, Valentino dresses tend to make my eyes all watery from the overdose of amazing-ness (pretty sure that isn’t a word but oh well). The movie was also really good and from that I found the website of the virtual Valentino museum : it’s like a corner of internet heaven so click here.

Valentino sketches

Valentino sketches

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

It would be unfair of me to tell all so you better come down to Somerset House and visit Valentino: A Master of Couture which is on till the 3rd March 2013. I’d advise you book tickets because there is a lot of people trying to get in!

Ana x

(the song is right here)

Sunday drive ♬

Sunday was a good day! A really good day 😀

First half was spent in and around Regents Park where a few Youtubers were organizing a ‘small’ meeting counting just above 700 people on Facebook. There, me and my friend Sonya got to meet some really cool people such as Alfie from Pointlessblog and Joe Nation to name a few. Oh and we’re in a video too – woop woop!

  CLICK HERE! (hint-go to 0:20 ^.^)

And I also met Tim from TimH078! Such a cool youtuber, check out his vlogs and sketches by clicking here

And then the second half of the day I spent on Earls Court olympic venue where the women’s volleyball matches took place. Normally, I am very uninterested in sports and I have a feeling it’s mutual, but since the opening ceremony I have been watching almost every event. I know more about women’s weightlifting than any member of my family. They must be so proud… anyways, I really enjoyed the match (rooted for the USA yeaaah! GB wasn’t playing that’s why, don’t panic) and the music in between serves. Oh and the crowd waves!

Aaaaand here’s the song too 🙂

Vegas Girl ♬

A solitary case in which street ads have actually paid off – Vegas Girl by Conor Maynard is in my head! So naturally it had to be the title of my next post, no?

When you are reading this, I’ll be off hiking in Scotland (funny how I’ll be doing that in wellies since there’s a flood warning going on) so expect some ‘travel diary’ entries too… but don’t expect any flats or cute tops.

Today was Knightsbridge day with a stop in Harrods where I’ve tasted one of the world’s best macaroon (Black sesame and chestnut filling – amazing) and a cultural visit to the ‘Ballgown: British Glamour’ exhibition at the V&A.

That day I was wearing red flats (from Amsterdam) and the Fred de la Bretoniere bag (also from Amsterdam, there’s a trend going), dip dye M&S jeans, Mango t-shirt and French Connection jacket.

My friend was responsible for the hair and photos :D. I can’t braid my hair at all so I’m taking advantage these weeks that she’s visiting.

I tried the ‘Spin’ design which was a big spinning chair which tilted you to a point where you thought you’d fall but then it didn’t…as you can see I totally got it so nevermind the terrified expression on my face.

Christian Louboutin at the London Design Museum

Yesterday the Christian Louboutin 20 years anniversary exhibition at the Design Museum has finished and by now I can safely assume that around 50 or 70 pairs of precious red soled heels and not only are boarding a plane for the Louboutin archives where they really should be under lock and key.

I think I’ve been pretty lucky to have been inches away from so many splendid shoes which, let’s be honest, I won’t be able to afford for a long time now. Some designs have really impressed me, like Mexibeads ss 2012, Anemone 2008 and Ballerine 2007. The most amazing ones that I didn’t even expect to see there were the limited edition Marie Antoinette inspired heels of which there are only 36 pairs in the world. I think me and Mr Louboutin would have a great conversation on Sofia Coppola’s rendition of the last French queen, since we both love the movie… coincidence much?!

I wasn’t actually allowed to take any photos so excuse the horrible quality of my photos but I had to sneakily take them when the guard-people weren’t looking. So worth it I might add!

The decor was very playful just like the designs exhibited. There was a mirror room, a film room where you could see Mr. Louboutin dancing tap with studded black shoes (priceless) and a giant Faberge egg from which a pair of glorious shoes popped up – the Tsar design I think. Oh and yes, that is a performance of Dita von Teese who metamorphosized into a massive 2 ft tall swarovski heel…everything made possible due to holographic technology.

A normal day at the Louboutin workshop and the designer’s desk replica.

Finishing off with Christian Louboutin’s quote : ‘ For me, a successful shoe is one with minimal design but whose lines are bare and so the shoe appears to be an extension of the leg. ‘ I’m sure that’s the case with the ballerina shoes too…

Sofia Donavan’s first concert!

This is like the 4th time I’m trying to blog about this but each time I press some goddamn button that just erases it, so I really apologize if my wits are not as sharp this time. Frustration has taken it’s toll. 

Anyways, moving on to nicer things. Saturday night, as the socialite or socialization-loving person that I am (chose whichever appropriate), I went down to the Troubadour club in London’s West Brompton to support one of my friends, Sofia Donavan. She had the amazing opportunity to perform there, for the very first time, in front of what looked like a very opinionated and mature crowd but she had them all clapping for an encore at the end! 

So what I want you, dear reader, to do is check out her youtube channel :http://www.youtube.com/user/SofiaDLafuente

and more impressively her myspace account where she has posted all her original songs which are all (very impressively) written by herself : http://www.myspace.com/576502830 . I especially like Behind your Eyes (it’s not out yet though but stay tuned) and Soldier’s Letter. 

Also, she has an upcoming concert within the Isle of White festival (major event!) on the 23rd of June so if any of you guys are going there, keep an eye out for Sofia’s performance. I can promise you that it’s not the last time you’ll be hearing of her! 🙂

Ana x