Flowers in my garden













Seeing as my battery life is now of about 45 minutes, this post must be a record for me!

On a different note, I have taken advantage of the heat wave Mother Nature has so graciously bestowed upon us after endless weeks of cold and rain and then some cold wind and some more rain to take some photos around my garden. Now, the said horrendously indecisive weather has given me a cold and a cough which will not go away regardless of my efforts in taking that disgusting menthol syrup which I can only imagine feels like swallowing disinfectant. So being outside is a real treat on this occasion..’yey’! I do however love macro photography and also love flowers (such a girly girl) so I though it only appropriate to share these on my blog.

Hope you’re all having a good day out in the sun! Enjoy while it lasts (evil voice)….


Spring revival (a.k.a. obsessive shopping)

DSC00406 copy

I’ve been going through a shopping phase recently because I felt like I didn’t identify with my clothes anymore. That and the fact that online shopping just gives you so many ideas you can’t help yourself. And as I was packing for Luxembourg and my room and wardrobe were already a mess I decided to take advantage and take some photos. I’ll go through most of them individually, the only one I haven’t got a proper photo of (whoops) is the Swissological hand cream which is the most amazing smelling thing you’ll ever find and it moisturizes amazingly.

DSC00410 copy

My old Clinique foundation is running out and it has lasted a surprising whole year. Whilst I liked it because it covered the redness of my skin and didn’t block my skin, it felt a bit plaster-y and dry. My skin is much better now so I thought I’d take a risk and venture out my comfort zone. I’m not very big on makeup and will stick with something forever if I find it works but I thought I’d have a shop around for a new foundation. After going to the beauty halls of numerous department stores (which I highly recommend if you’re unsure about what to buy) I decided on Estee Lauder Double Wear that feels really light on the skin, is medium coverage and smells super nice. The packaging is not very practical for travelling but could be worse I think.

DSC00411 copy

Ring from a local jewelry shop called London Zu.

DSC00413 copy

My favorite brand of lipsticks; it gives just a subtle color to the lips and it lasts for hours.

DSC00417 copy


The very end of winter saw me finding the perfect pair of slouchy jeans and I was so happy I couldn’t believe my luck. The Gap jeans are always perfect for me and as they always have 30% and 40% discounts it seemed like the ideal buy. The second pair are denim shorts from Anthropologie that were on sale 70% off and only £15. They’re a little big at the waistband but I can easily take it in when summer – hopefully – arrives. I liked the fact they’re not super tight on the thigh and not ridiculously short either so they have a very relaxed fit.

DSC00422 copy

Ok…this has just gotten ridiculous. All who know me know that I absolutely love knitwear but this is getting a bit out of hand. I have added to the collection these 4 beauties. I recently realized that most of my things are now either blue, black or grey so I went on a bit of a splurge with the orange sweater, just to bring some life to it.

DSC00425 copy

No one can have too many striped things, that is a fact of life. I’ve been searching for the perfect classic striped t-shirt and found 3. The Cos one is the traditional, ‘clean’, version whilst the Gap one is really soft and with 3/4 length sleeves and that really cool added color at the trim. Not long ago I discovered & Other Stories, a kind of designer meets model minimalist store opened on Regent Street. Some of the things are really out there but they also have some pretty cool stuff such as the black t-shirt with mesh stripes.


Finally, the my 2 loves right now are these two bags. The small bleumarine one is from Gap (so surprising) and it’s perfect for going out and not wanting to drag a massive bag with you. It’s the exact opposite of the other one, I know, I know, but it was a donation from my aunt and it’s just so beautiful and spacious that I couldn’t say no. And why would I?

This is all for now, God knows what I’ll find in Luxembourg and France…maybe some shoes??!? ;)…. I think I need professional help at this point.


A Christmas Post

Christmas lights


Just to make it clear, I have no idea how this photo above happened. Moving on, I am super excited (and so should you) for Christmas this year because I’ll be spending a few days with my family and I’ll get to open presents basically. Otherwise it’s going to be a bit strange seeing as I won’t have the usual Christmas schedule, this being the first one I’m spending in London. Which translates into no lunch at my grandparents’, no decorating the tree with my cousin, no traditional Romanian Christmas food and no Christmas Eve with my friend… yeah, this kinda brings the spirit down a little. Oh, not to mention the confusing weather – it’s a little warm and still green, not my definition of Christmas.

But nevertheless, I have painted my nails a festive shade of red and wrapped presents to put under the tree (which I myself have decorated, thank you) and now I am just waiting for the green light to opening the gifts because who am I to pretend I’m not still a kid at heart.

My little (weird, I’ll admit) present for you is this interesting Christmas song 😀

Christmas tree

Christmas tree


Christmas cards

Christmas presents

Merry Christmas! 

Jynweythek Ylow

It’s days like those that make me love my ‘job’. I say job with inverted comas because not many people call volunteering that but hey, each to their own.

It basically boils down to this: since October I have been a volunteer for Somerset House, which is an amazing gallery within the Courtauld Institute in central London. I go there every weekend to help with the exhibitions plus on other evenings when they need extra people for events.

Some 4 weeks ago I received an email from my manager asking if anyone would be interested to volunteer for the ‘Valentino: In conversation’ event on the 30th of November, the day the exhibition Valentino: A Master of Couture was opening to the public. Needless to say, my reply had an endless number of exclamation marks and some quite embarassingly desperate pleas but they all payed off because I was selected to help out so no regrets there.

The event consisted in a hour-long conference at the Savoy with the master himself 🙂 followed by champagne at Somerset House and a viewing of the exhibition. Now, in the course of around 2 hours I ticked many things off my bucket list so I’m pretty hyped about that:

Valentino: In conversation

Valentino: In conversation

1) I saw Valentino himself. I was fangirling all the way and said ‘Ciao!’ because you only live once and he’s already 83 so by the time I (might) become famous he will probably not be around so better seize the moment

2) Saw the Savoy and oh my god I want to live there

3) Fringe benefit of my said ‘job’: exclusive viewing of the exhibition before everyone else. It was just so beautiful I cannot put it in words. The long corridor  lined with magnificent dresses from each decade, one more beautiful than the other, it’s so beautiful it’s actually emotional. Or maybe that’s just me, Valentino dresses tend to make my eyes all watery from the overdose of amazing-ness (pretty sure that isn’t a word but oh well). The movie was also really good and from that I found the website of the virtual Valentino museum : it’s like a corner of internet heaven so click here.

Valentino sketches

Valentino sketches

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

Valentino: Master of Couture

It would be unfair of me to tell all so you better come down to Somerset House and visit Valentino: A Master of Couture which is on till the 3rd March 2013. I’d advise you book tickets because there is a lot of people trying to get in!

Ana x

(the song is right here)

Set the fire to the third bar♬

Thursday night, us rebels doing French AS-level went all the way down to Earlsfield to see a play – mind you, performed in Bollywood style and spoken in English, but written by Moliere. I was a bit skeptical, as any normal person would be, but at the same time intrigued, so after getting so stressed at Clapham Junction (the worst train station ever) we arrived at Tara theater. It may be the smallest theater in the world, I don’t know, but it’s definitely the smallest I’ve ever been into; the size of a normal back-to-back house, the ‘stage’ was the size of the living room and there were no more than 30 seats altogether. Needless to say our group took up 1/3 of the whole thing. Anyways, it was such a fun play with amazing live music of all genres and the actors were actually very good. There isn’t as much dancing as we thought it would but I guess that wasn’t the point of the play…

On Saturday I met with my friend for lunch on Kensington High Street where she suggested Dryland Grand Cafe , a really nice bar restaurant just opposite the tube station. They had everything from cakes to salads but I just had to go for the goats cheese and roasted vegetable sandwich with a blueberry smoothie…so healthy. No need to mention that we couldn’t resist going in a few shops and I’m putting together a wish list as soon as possible. Actually, as soon as I get enough money to spend because otherwise it’s just mean.

And to wrap up my exhausting weekend, Sunday was spent at Somerset House where I’m a volunteer with the temporary exhibitions. This week I was assigned to the Paul Benney : Night Paintings display in the Deadhouse which has just opened and will run until the 9th of December. I love my role anyways, but to get to be in Somerset’s Deadhouse is a privilege as it is almost never open for the public and it’s so interesting. It’s called as such because in its crypt-like walls there are tombs and gravestones dating from the 14th century and with the lighting and the gloomy paintings it was quite chilling. Coming in from Embankment level, the exhibition really stands out as different. I find the paintings themselves quite interesting, some which are quite quizzical and impress with the use of perspective and technique of oil and resin on wood, but I liked the way they’ve been exhibited and I think the location is perfect for the story of the paintings. I definitely recommend it, as I recommend the Valentino exhibition which will open on the 29th of November… I literally cannot wait for that one!

By the way, I’m selling some of my clothes – and not only – on eBay so if you’re interested click here! Thanks 🙂

Own side ♬

Credits to my friend who was the photographer! ^.^ T’was the day before she went back home *sad face*, when we went for a look around Notting Hill and Portabello Road. If you go there, no matter the reason, you need to stop at Dri Dri for icecream, I am dead serious when I say it’s the best one I’ve had so far and I’ve been to Italy too, so that must mean something. It means it’s too good for you guys not to at least try it!

Click for the title song here 🙂

Let it go ♬







This day had to be documented: it was warm enough for sandals! I went all out to express my absolute joy with these multicolored sandals from France…. I think. Or was it Wales? Ah, one of these two anyways. I also wore one of my favorite tops from Stefanel. Which reminds me: I haven’t seen a Stefanel shop in ages. I wonder where they’ve dissappeared. My ombre jeans are from M&S, the same bag from Fred de la Bretoniere (it turns out it was a smart investment after all) and a plexiglass ring from some shop in Bucharest which I can’t remember.

I am pretty sure that when this is posted I’ll be either laying in the sun and reading or eating sea food. One follows the other and the cycle repeats itself. That is Greece for you!

Click for the song here 😉


Sunday drive ♬

Sunday was a good day! A really good day 😀

First half was spent in and around Regents Park where a few Youtubers were organizing a ‘small’ meeting counting just above 700 people on Facebook. There, me and my friend Sonya got to meet some really cool people such as Alfie from Pointlessblog and Joe Nation to name a few. Oh and we’re in a video too – woop woop!

  CLICK HERE! (hint-go to 0:20 ^.^)

And I also met Tim from TimH078! Such a cool youtuber, check out his vlogs and sketches by clicking here

And then the second half of the day I spent on Earls Court olympic venue where the women’s volleyball matches took place. Normally, I am very uninterested in sports and I have a feeling it’s mutual, but since the opening ceremony I have been watching almost every event. I know more about women’s weightlifting than any member of my family. They must be so proud… anyways, I really enjoyed the match (rooted for the USA yeaaah! GB wasn’t playing that’s why, don’t panic) and the music in between serves. Oh and the crowd waves!

Aaaaand here’s the song too 🙂

Vegas Girl ♬

A solitary case in which street ads have actually paid off – Vegas Girl by Conor Maynard is in my head! So naturally it had to be the title of my next post, no?

When you are reading this, I’ll be off hiking in Scotland (funny how I’ll be doing that in wellies since there’s a flood warning going on) so expect some ‘travel diary’ entries too… but don’t expect any flats or cute tops.

Today was Knightsbridge day with a stop in Harrods where I’ve tasted one of the world’s best macaroon (Black sesame and chestnut filling – amazing) and a cultural visit to the ‘Ballgown: British Glamour’ exhibition at the V&A.

That day I was wearing red flats (from Amsterdam) and the Fred de la Bretoniere bag (also from Amsterdam, there’s a trend going), dip dye M&S jeans, Mango t-shirt and French Connection jacket.

My friend was responsible for the hair and photos :D. I can’t braid my hair at all so I’m taking advantage these weeks that she’s visiting.

I tried the ‘Spin’ design which was a big spinning chair which tilted you to a point where you thought you’d fall but then it didn’t…as you can see I totally got it so nevermind the terrified expression on my face.

Natural’s not in it ♬

My excited face was in reference to 2 factors: the adorable cars exhibited in which me and my friend have decided to travel through Italy in 2 years’ time and the fact that we were at Blenheim Palace, just my favorite place in the UK really. I know one day that’s going to be my address, right after I move to Paris or Rio or New York or Barcelona or somewhere like that.

We had a small photoshoot in a Rousseu-inspired style if you may; although there were cold winds and some showers, I braved them all with a gypsy floral skirt that offered no warmth whatsoever. I compensated with layers of knitwear and a ‘lady-of-the-manor’ jacket as my dad would call it.

I wonder how many walk-in wardrobes can fit into a palace like that….

*credits to the photographer ;)*

Listen to the title song by clicking here.