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Yesterday I discovered some old photos from my last trip to Bucharest in late October, which I had completely forgotten about. Looking through them I have decided to make a shortlist of my favorite places from my hometown and make a photo/ travel diary entry about it next time I visit. Maybe I’m getting a bit nostalgic or maybe I just find any excuse I can to not do work, choose whichever.

Romanian National LibraryI’ll start with some photos taken at the new headquarters of the National Library of Romania which I visited for some research on my Extended Project Qualification (aka the most time consuming thing ever). Personally, I much preferred the old building in the historic center but this one is so much bigger and better equipped so you win some you loose some.DSC00599


DSC00612All through last summer and autumn they held the biggest exhibition of Romanian art in retrospect, a truly amazing idea of which I will hope to be many more. I love going to art galleries and museums and it just saddens me to see such a great initiative largely ignored by the public. Art really can build up a sense of patriotism and whilst I felt proud of my heritage I also felt a bit disappointed that not many people share this idea with me, but I hope that will change in the future.



DSC00662Following this, another cultural stop at Sol gallery , a new project started up by two of my parents’ friends. It’s a cosy little art gallery located on Jean-Louis Calderon street at nr. 26 and its concept is really great because their aim is to promote the Romanian artists (be them painters, sculptors or photographers), many of whom have achieved recognition abroad, in their own homeland. They have lots of different paintings exhibited and some are held in a deposit because of the limited space in the gallery but they have some really interesting things so I would definitely recommend it if you find yourself passing by :).



DSC00596I shall end the post with some autumnal outfit photos. And as I love autumn, especially in Bucharest when the leaves turn red and amber and it’s sunny and warm, I could not help myself but dress with the season in my new (amazing) Staccato shoes, Benetton trousers, PNK casual t-shirt, Uniqlo hoodie, French connection biker jacket and my trusty Fred de la Bretoniere bag.





Let it go ♬







This day had to be documented: it was warm enough for sandals! I went all out to express my absolute joy with these multicolored sandals from France…. I think. Or was it Wales? Ah, one of these two anyways. I also wore one of my favorite tops from Stefanel. Which reminds me: I haven’t seen a Stefanel shop in ages. I wonder where they’ve dissappeared. My ombre jeans are from M&S, the same bag from Fred de la Bretoniere (it turns out it was a smart investment after all) and a plexiglass ring from some shop in Bucharest which I can’t remember.

I am pretty sure that when this is posted I’ll be either laying in the sun and reading or eating sea food. One follows the other and the cycle repeats itself. That is Greece for you!

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Burberry Bucharest store opening

I am kicking myself! Well, I’m trying at least and the poor results leave me even more frustrated!

So, to paint a picture, it’s raining, it’s cold and what’s worst it’s freakin’ May. Friends have been telling me I’m getting paler…well it’s not my fault London has such crappy weather now, is it? And what’s worst is that right now I should be in sunny and definitely warmer Bucharest (my home town for those who don’t know this kind of inside info on me) to attend the Burberry store opening.

And the contrast is just too much. Why do I have to be tortured with xylems and chemical equations and circuits when I could be posing pretty for Vogue and Elle Romania in my (very stylish) white satin shift dress with silver strap sandals?? It does not sound fair and therefore I will not apologize for my rant-mode.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with my life at this moment in time and space…