Spring revival (a.k.a. obsessive shopping)

DSC00406 copy

I’ve been going through a shopping phase recently because I felt like I didn’t identify with my clothes anymore. That and the fact that online shopping just gives you so many ideas you can’t help yourself. And as I was packing for Luxembourg and my room and wardrobe were already a mess I decided to take advantage and take some photos. I’ll go through most of them individually, the only one I haven’t got a proper photo of (whoops) is the Swissological hand cream which is the most amazing smelling thing you’ll ever find and it moisturizes amazingly.

DSC00410 copy

My old Clinique foundation is running out and it has lasted a surprising whole year. Whilst I liked it because it covered the redness of my skin and didn’t block my skin, it felt a bit plaster-y and dry. My skin is much better now so I thought I’d take a risk and venture out my comfort zone. I’m not very big on makeup and will stick with something forever if I find it works but I thought I’d have a shop around for a new foundation. After going to the beauty halls of numerous department stores (which I highly recommend if you’re unsure about what to buy) I decided on Estee Lauder Double Wear that feels really light on the skin, is medium coverage and smells super nice. The packaging is not very practical for travelling but could be worse I think.

DSC00411 copy

Ring from a local jewelry shop called London Zu.

DSC00413 copy

My favorite brand of lipsticks; it gives just a subtle color to the lips and it lasts for hours.

DSC00417 copy


The very end of winter saw me finding the perfect pair of slouchy jeans and I was so happy I couldn’t believe my luck. The Gap jeans are always perfect for me and as they always have 30% and 40% discounts it seemed like the ideal buy. The second pair are denim shorts from Anthropologie that were on sale 70% off and only £15. They’re a little big at the waistband but I can easily take it in when summer – hopefully – arrives. I liked the fact they’re not super tight on the thigh and not ridiculously short either so they have a very relaxed fit.

DSC00422 copy

Ok…this has just gotten ridiculous. All who know me know that I absolutely love knitwear but this is getting a bit out of hand. I have added to the collection these 4 beauties. I recently realized that most of my things are now either blue, black or grey so I went on a bit of a splurge with the orange sweater, just to bring some life to it.

DSC00425 copy

No one can have too many striped things, that is a fact of life. I’ve been searching for the perfect classic striped t-shirt and found 3. The Cos one is the traditional, ‘clean’, version whilst the Gap one is really soft and with 3/4 length sleeves and that really cool added color at the trim. Not long ago I discovered & Other Stories, a kind of designer meets model minimalist store opened on Regent Street. Some of the things are really out there but they also have some pretty cool stuff such as the black t-shirt with mesh stripes.


Finally, the my 2 loves right now are these two bags. The small bleumarine one is from Gap (so surprising) and it’s perfect for going out and not wanting to drag a massive bag with you. It’s the exact opposite of the other one, I know, I know, but it was a donation from my aunt and it’s just so beautiful and spacious that I couldn’t say no. And why would I?

This is all for now, God knows what I’ll find in Luxembourg and France…maybe some shoes??!? ;)…. I think I need professional help at this point.



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