The overdue ski trip post

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So here is the long overdue post on my trip to Les Trois Valees in France. By long overdue  I mean 3 months late but alas, it’s here nonetheless. The way there was painful; no matter how much I love the Eurostar, my god was it painful having to sit down for about 8 hours. We ended up in the luggage bit in between two carriages reading the french Cosmo and L’officielle till 2 in the morning. Anyways, let’s turn a blind eye to that and focus on the really important things.

The skiing was amazing. The slopes were the best I’ve been on so far and there was so much snow I literally couldn’t get enough of it (although I was starting to fantasize about the comfort of the couch after 5 hours of intensive sporty activities). We had to carry a map with us because we really were spoilt for choice as far as ski lifts are concerned. The whole point of this region of the Alps is that you can easily get to other ski resorts nearby, of which I particularly liked Val Thorens because the slopes were super wide and smooth – there’s nothing more dreaded than bumps.


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This last photo is particularly special because it was taken during our spur-of-the-moment desire to go off-piste…not the greatest of ideas. Although fun at first, we ended up a bit stuck and needing to slide down a hill-type-thing which took us about half an hour, jokes included. But hey, we get extra points for trying no?

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This is an aerial view of our little town, Meribel. The layout is pretty simple. On the far left we have the ski lift and our hotel, in the center there is a roundabout with bus-stops going to Meribel center and on the left we have the all-important boulagerie which sold amazing sweets and fresh croissants and bread (I gained a lot of weight if that wasn’t explicit enough) and the local Spar which we visited every day to their delight I suppose. This photo was taken on our last day when we felt a bit too unmotivated ( trying to avoid the word lazy here ) to go skiing so we went for a hike up a path. It was very pretty but we did get bored quite quickly, but did a nice photo sesh while there.


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Lastly, since we spent New Years eve there it was only to be expected that we would want to experience a typical French celebration. So we took the bus before midnight ( a very scary thing to do because we had no idea where we’d end up ) and went to Meribel center to the outdoor party organised there. The music – dubstep. The drinks – some dodgy red liquid in a sprite bottle. The company – some French guy who kept photo-bombing us and a group of Australian tipsy guys. Good times, good times…

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