A Christmas Post

Christmas lights


Just to make it clear, I have no idea how this photo above happened. Moving on, I am super excited (and so should you) for Christmas this year because I’ll be spending a few days with my family and I’ll get to open presents basically. Otherwise it’s going to be a bit strange seeing as I won’t have the usual Christmas schedule, this being the first one I’m spending in London. Which translates into no lunch at my grandparents’, no decorating the tree with my cousin, no traditional Romanian Christmas food and no Christmas Eve with my friend… yeah, this kinda brings the spirit down a little. Oh, not to mention the confusing weather – it’s a little warm and still green, not my definition of Christmas.

But nevertheless, I have painted my nails a festive shade of red and wrapped presents to put under the tree (which I myself have decorated, thank you) and now I am just waiting for the green light to opening the gifts because who am I to pretend I’m not still a kid at heart.

My little (weird, I’ll admit) present for you is this interesting Christmas song 😀

Christmas tree

Christmas tree


Christmas cards

Christmas presents

Merry Christmas! 


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