Sunday drive ♬

Sunday was a good day! A really good day 😀

First half was spent in and around Regents Park where a few Youtubers were organizing a ‘small’ meeting counting just above 700 people on Facebook. There, me and my friend Sonya got to meet some really cool people such as Alfie from Pointlessblog and Joe Nation to name a few. Oh and we’re in a video too – woop woop!

  CLICK HERE! (hint-go to 0:20 ^.^)

And I also met Tim from TimH078! Such a cool youtuber, check out his vlogs and sketches by clicking here

And then the second half of the day I spent on Earls Court olympic venue where the women’s volleyball matches took place. Normally, I am very uninterested in sports and I have a feeling it’s mutual, but since the opening ceremony I have been watching almost every event. I know more about women’s weightlifting than any member of my family. They must be so proud… anyways, I really enjoyed the match (rooted for the USA yeaaah! GB wasn’t playing that’s why, don’t panic) and the music in between serves. Oh and the crowd waves!

Aaaaand here’s the song too 🙂


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