Such a trend follower…


That’s right, I’ve pulled a fashion trick a la Kate Middleton with my recycling outfits after less than a fortnight. It’s just being trendy, there’s nothing else I can say in defense.

In other words, you might recognize my Zara skirt from less than a week ago, but I beg to differ that the styling is completely different. For one, I was having a much better hair day which makes the crucial difference. Then, I was wearing my (formal) black suede court shoes from Amsterdam for the first time ever and guess what – they were a delight to walk in to my amazement since it takes me around a year to break in shoes to a point which they look too scruffy to wear and the cycle repeats itself. A Banana Republic ruffle-y top and my mum’s Hobb’s emerald-green cardigan completed my look…don’t you just love it when you can start claiming stuff from your mum’s wardrobe??

Btw, I’m especially proud of my twirl… there were some horribly unphotogenic tries beforehand.


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