Marketing week live! Set up

Reporting from the bittersweet comfort of a wooden platform, surrounded by contractors and exhibitioners with notepads and worried facial expressions.
Time is quickly seeping away through the Victorian metal skeleton of the Olympia Centre here in London as research, consultancy and mainly marketing companies are setting up their stalls for tomorrow’s convention which will see clients and businesses come together.

So what exactly am I doing here? Oh it’s how I prefer to spend my afternoon you know.

Actually, I’m here with FreshMinds, a market research consultancy company, which have willingly taken me on board this week for my work experience. So far, they’ve been busy setting up and organizing their participation at this event so I’ve tried to contribute wherever possible: from branding refreshments for prospecting clients to working on powerpoints. I’m telling you, this is going to be very interesting and there are a few talks and sessions that will have my eyes wide open and hand scribbling away, the result of which I will post next time as I’m part of the blogger team covering some of the event.
The excitement is hard to contain so I’ll just shut up now 🙂




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