Teen Age Riot


 *me and my friend Maddie*

Boring black school shoes have been violently thrown in the corner of the shoe room and blue pumps have taken their place. I could not have been happier to be pretty honest! And no, I don’t just walk in heels for no reason… that would be close to suicide. The whole dressing up bit was for a party which claimed to be ‘fancy dress’ so I went all out. The trench coat I’ll admit was a last minute addition considering that weather in London is a painful 10 degrees Celsius with wind that tests the quality of your hairspray. I did use some, but no effect….



          * me and my friend Sonya*

I was wearing: Uniqlo trench coat, Banana Republic t-shirt, Zara scarf print skirt, Chloe clutch, my mom’s shoes 🙂


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