Pagan Poetry

In my perpetuant search for the less commercial, I went yesterday with my friend Maddie to the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith for a double bill movie night of independent film. With the possibility of sounding like a cheapskate (but better be honest, I’m not a millionaire), I don’t understand how I could pay £10 for 2 movies and snacks when it usually costs me just £9 for the average high street cinema! Such  a waste of money and time, as I would much rather see the movies they show at the Riverside. By the way, I really really really recommend that you watch ‘Like Crazy’….it’s crazy good.

P.S- Whoever guesses the artist from the title gets a virtual high-five. 😀
Riverside Studios

Mango black T-shirt (can’t see…oh well)

Uniqlo black cardigan

Moschino Cheap & Chic scarf

Zara quilted vest

Bata bag

Christian Berg red chinos

Geox laser cut trainers


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