Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee

I’ve only been in London for less than two years and I have already taken part in two of the most media-covered, laden with historical significance and important ‘British’ events in the past few decades if not hundreds of years (I’m referring to the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In July I’m going to take the Olympics in my stride as the third).

Grateful as I am to my adoptive country and quite interested in the British monarchy – my country has one too, related to the British one, but they’re not reigning and don’t take a prime role in citizens’ daily life – I dragged myself down to see the Thames Pageant. There were various reasons for which I did that: the first barge featured some bells that my school has lent, so I felt obliged to support the institution that ensures I’m educated; I calculated that I was going to be in a range of about 200 m away from the royal family, so that’s pretty cool, and I wanted to ride the tube when it was absolutely bursting out with people, always good fun.

The crowds were relatively enthusiastic, especially some 20 year olds with a few beers on board, and there was a lot of flag waving. As soon as the royal barge came into sight, I had to raise on my tip toes in order to see anything and , if you’re reading Mr. Man-Standing-In-Front-Of-Me, I am very sorry for leaning onto your shoulders but my knees were giving in after a few minutes.

I will admit cheering and a bit of enthusiastic screams, as embarrassing as it is, but the mob mentality took over. It wore off as I got back to the tube station but I was still waving the flag while braving the pouring rain.

Oh and I had a movie as well, but I can’t upload it ‘for security reasons’… it makes no sense to me so I won’t try to even go there.


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