Summer wishlist

1. Zara tunic dress  2. Massimo Dutti sandals  3. Lacoste trainers  4.Brindle and Aubin coat (love it!)  5. Zara TRF jumper  6. Whistles sunglasses

I just had my English Language GCSE exam and I feel a bit disheartened as it was very bad timing to find out that I can’t finish in the time given. So it’s just a matter of luck now, which I am terrified of :S.

And, knowing me, I turn to retail therapy to take the stress away, the result of which you can see above. It was positively boiling in London last week, but apparently it’s back to 15 degrees on Friday, so my fashion buys will have to accomodate a bit of both weathers.

Ok now, enough running around wild on estores, back to studying. Some ‘fun’ Business Studies and Science gonna happen soon, great!



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