Sugar, spice and everything nice

That really sums up my culinary experience in the north of Holland. Breakfast was minimal, because of all the cheese and apples we had eaten the night before. There are literally so many types it’s hypnotizing: truffles, hazelnuts, goat’s cheese, smoked cheese, with cumin seeds or paprika. And they all go equally as well with apples.

This was my favorite cheese store, located on Damstraat as you head towards Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Again, having so much fun typing the names in 🙂

Lunch was a funny affair so to say. Day one was -ironically- the best lunch-wise, with amazing hot goat’s cheese (again) on a salad bed with nuts and a crispy crust with balsamic vinegar. I would have had more if it wouldn’t have made me look like such a fattie.

This restaurant was on Kloveniersburgwal next to Newmarkt square and was called De Bekeerce Suster.

On the same magical street, some 20 meters away, was a great little waffle place where I had this lovely chocolatey sugarey thing of beauty

Piccola being the name of the above mentioned establishment.

For some more traditional Dutch dishes, Spuistraat is the place to go; the entire street is lined up with great small restaurants renowned for the tasty food they serve. One of my favorites was Haesje Claes at numer 225 where I ate a fish-heavy oven-baked casserole for which I had been looking the whole time (the tourist guide recommended it)

And then headed out to Cafe Hoppe which is famous for its original 1600’s interior decor, a big crowd pleaser for Amsterdam based intellectuals and public figures. So I really couldn’t miss it. Their specialty coffee lives up to the name.

Speaking of coffee, as much as I loved Cafe Hoppe for its bohemian style of a bygone era, the absolute must visit place is in Delft and it’s called Kleyweg’s Stads-Koffyhuis, located right behind the central square.

The shiny trophies and medals surely meant it was going to be an experience to remember. It was so much more than that that I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Next stop was Utrecht, where I (because my parents were quite lost at this point) found a great place on one of the main streets that served some lighter food… I love cheese and chocolate, but by this time I was feeling quite sick of them both. Although that never stood in the way of compromise…

With the habitual hot chocolate from Simon Levelt to aide digestion naturally.

Day 6 I think saw us finally reaching the coast and, because the sun was out for the first time that week, we stopped at a fishermen’s restaurant and ate mussels, which I absolutely adore since visiting Normandy a few years back.

I hope you do realize that these mouth-watering photos were taken at the expense of me looking like some kind of hyped up tourist who takes photos of EVERYTHING, and while I don’t wish to dive into tourist stereotypes, I’ll just finish by apologizing for the mile long virtual feast I’ve created in this post with a photo of waffles. My one true weakness…

Ana x


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