Concert night!

I really wish I could say this is a well deserved break from studying but truth be told I have had the worst concentration spam in the history of human kind. Literally all I did was a Maths past paper, an English comparison and some chemistry, which I still don’t understand. And I have possibly the most horrible 2 weeks of exams coming up and I’m starting to panic.

So what does one do when in such state? Oh but off course paint their nails. It’s ’cause I just got this new nailpolish which has been torturing me on my makeup table just screaming ‘Try me!!!’ and since I’m so weak…


Ta-daaa! Isn’t it the most amazing color you have ever seen? I am seriously in love with it. Well, it’s also sort of a placebo effect since it’s the new Chanel 217 Splendeur shade, and I would die for Chanel so it would be highly unlikely that I didn’t like it. To add shine (and prevent any peelings and cracks as such) I also applied my trusty Essie ‘to dry for’ top coat.

Oh and to link it to the title, I’m going to a concert tonight at the Barbican hall which I have been dreaming of for around 3 years; I’ll get to see piano composer/player Dustin O’Halloran whose songs feature in my favorite movie of all times Marie Antoinette. This is such a vital moment, personally, that I think it deserves Chanel nails right?



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