The art of getting by…

Which I have skillfully mastered while in Holland. To me it comes naturally, I just gravitate towards the smaller boutiques and subsequently either great buys or limited designer pieces with stupendously high prices. So it’s a thing of luck really.

However, Amsterdam has a particularly impressive range of shops, good enough quality to justify the prices but also very reasonable compared to London. Shopping advice numero 1 is get shoes! As many as you can carry, for as many seasons as you wish and in as many hues as you can find! It’s a girl’s dream to be quite honest.

I particularly loved Invito for the amazing biker boots I got for virtually half the price I would have ever gotten in London. There are at least 3 Invito shops on Damstraat which goes into Amsterdam’s main square. Also there you can find a great place for shoes off course on Kalverstraat meets Olieslagerssteeg (I’m having so much fun typing these names in) called Dunglemann from where I got my beloved pair of suede high heels of 7 cm thank-you-very-much. The sales people are very friendly too… you might even get an invitation to go clubbing that evening. I politely declined as my mum was eyeing me from across the shop. 

While you are there, you should also explore some of the more Amsterdam-esque fashion brands such as locals and Saporo. And if you’ve really got ‘money in your hands that you’d really like to blow’ as Justin Bieber puts it in his new single, then head out to P.C Hooftstraat, aka Amsterdam’s luxury shopping destination. That’s where I fell in love with the new Escada collection…

Alternatively, go to De Bijenkorf which is right in Dam Square (back to point 0) where you can buy from Celine bags -things of beauty- to Thakoon day dresses. The women’s department could be improved but I can’t complain because I found the bag that i had been looking for. Tan leather, simple shoulder strap, outside pocket AND on sale from Fred de la Bretoniere. Photos of those some other time (don’t hate I just haven’t got time to photograph them).

However, Utrecht is as good (well not really but close) as Amsterdam when it comes to shops. Take for instance the cutest home deco shop Dille & Kamille. They sell the most french house accessories I have seen, Paris included.

And if you need some more shoes (as one does) walk along the Oudegracht, Utrecht’s main canal that slithers through the old quarters of the city. You’ll most definitely see these beauties, sporting this year’s aquatic hues. It’s eye candy to me!

While out shopping, I naturally had to look as fashionable as humanly possible in 4 degrees Celsius weather (yes yes, with rain). I am especially in love with my tie die Zara shirt paired with Whistles burgundy coat and Aldo tan ankle boots. Equally as happy with the purchase of the red-white-black Moschino Cheap & Chic silk scarf, that I cannot wait to wear with red chinos and striped black t-shirt.


Ana x


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