Burberry Bucharest store opening

I am kicking myself! Well, I’m trying at least and the poor results leave me even more frustrated!

So, to paint a picture, it’s raining, it’s cold and what’s worst it’s freakin’ May. Friends have been telling me I’m getting paler…well it’s not my fault London has such crappy weather now, is it? And what’s worst is that right now I should be in sunny and definitely warmer Bucharest (my home town for those who don’t know this kind of inside info on me) to attend the Burberry store opening.

And the contrast is just too much. Why do I have to be tortured with xylems and chemical equations and circuits when I could be posing pretty for Vogue and Elle Romania in my (very stylish) white satin shift dress with silver strap sandals?? It does not sound fair and therefore I will not apologize for my rant-mode.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with my life at this moment in time and space…



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