Sofia Donavan’s first concert!

This is like the 4th time I’m trying to blog about this but each time I press some goddamn button that just erases it, so I really apologize if my wits are not as sharp this time. Frustration has taken it’s toll. 

Anyways, moving on to nicer things. Saturday night, as the socialite or socialization-loving person that I am (chose whichever appropriate), I went down to the Troubadour club in London’s West Brompton to support one of my friends, Sofia Donavan. She had the amazing opportunity to perform there, for the very first time, in front of what looked like a very opinionated and mature crowd but she had them all clapping for an encore at the end! 

So what I want you, dear reader, to do is check out her youtube channel :

and more impressively her myspace account where she has posted all her original songs which are all (very impressively) written by herself : . I especially like Behind your Eyes (it’s not out yet though but stay tuned) and Soldier’s Letter. 

Also, she has an upcoming concert within the Isle of White festival (major event!) on the 23rd of June so if any of you guys are going there, keep an eye out for Sofia’s performance. I can promise you that it’s not the last time you’ll be hearing of her! 🙂

Ana x


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