Amsterdam day 2

I am eating my last macaroon as I am writing this, which may affect the accuracy of my post :)).

Today we were meant to go cycling in a tulip park but the lovely temperature of 5 degrees and strong chilly winds kinda stood in the way. So instead, we visited the former royal palace called Het Loo ( yep, it doesn’t mean what you fellow Brits think 😉 ) which is considered Holland’s Versailles. It was really nicely renovated and the collection of vintage cars on exhibition in the stables was pretty cool too, but personally I wouldn’t go as far as dubbing it a ‘Versailles’. It must be because of its more modern history and lack of French flamboyace that influenced my opinion, but what’s done is done.

After that, we drove off to Utrecht through a very nice natural reservation and by now the Sun was up. We walked around Utrecht and what struck me the most, appart from the idyllic canal, was surprisingly the melody of the tower bells, which sing from a huge tower that can be climbed to see apparently stunning views. If you feel up to the challenge of going up some 500 stairs! Naturally, we didn’t:).

We did however have a lovely dinner of lobster soup, terrine of brie and haddock in saffron sauce, followed by an amazing cup of hot chocolate with espresso. And to top off a perfect evening, I found the cutest and most comfortable pair of red suede flats! That demands a post of its own that’s for sure.

Ana x


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