Amsterdam day 1

That is if you don’t count the day we spent getting here!

Today was a little slow at first, but it’s always like that when you get to a new place. I for one was soo unbelivably tired that 8 hours of sleep were merely enough. So we basically got to the streets at a quarter to 12 and since it’s a quarter past 10 now, that makes 11 hours of non-stop walking… Fast maths to match the fast pace:)! We’ve basically seen everyting from the outside of Anne Frank’s house (which I’ll visit on Friday morning because of  the two hour long que) to the Dam square and the flower market. Sadly, I have no means of posting the amazing ( and I’m not even being cocky here) photos, but I’ll tell and show you more once I’m back in my natural habitat where I have all I need :D.

However, I can show you some pixelated photos taken with my Ipod from the canal boat trip we’ve just been on. It does give you a taste of what it looks like but I promise to show you the better versions in a week’s time :). ( Ok, I had good intentions of posting photos but that doesn’t seem to agree with my Ipod, probably not the most efficient way of updating my blog. So even more anticipation ’till the photos are posted. Soz! )

Wish me luck tommorow! I’m going cycling in Holland’s biggest tulip park 🙂

Ana x


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