Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House

One of the main reasons for which I love going to the opera is the dressing-up part. It’s just one of those social events where everyone (well, except the odd jeans-tank-top-wearing student) puts and effort in and parades in their most elegantly formal dress. So what’s not to love?


H&M cropped jacket, La Perla lace vest, Zara black skirt, bracelet from Denmark 

So, yesterday night I had tickets to see ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ ballet at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The location itself is amazing; it’s a daring combination of crystal chandeliers and velvet tapestries with mirrored walls and conservatory-style roofs. 



We were very lucky to have gotten tickets to be quite honest. They sell like hot chocolate on a sunny and freezing cold ski day. The tickets were put on sale at around 10am and by the time I got back from school there were literally just 6 left! And there’s no chocolate included in the price, although the blackberry-yogurt ice cream they sold in the intervals was the best I’ve had in an opera so far.

Now, onto the show. I can wholeheartedly say it was the most exciting and refreshing ballet performance I have seen in my life. I say performance because it was also very theatrical in parts and the emphasis shifted from the rigorous dance routines to the comical situations and the captivating facial expressions of the dancers. The performers that impressed me the most were Itziar Mendizabal who played the Queen of Hearts (amazing stage presence compared to the other more bland characters) and Eric Underwood who played the Caterpillar (some of the most creative ballet/oriental dance moves).


The dancers aside, what really made the ticket worth its money was the setting. It was so unexpectedly elaborate compared to the more classical and conservative ballets! You had a multimedia element with a projection of folding cards and swirling letters, a falling axe, a 2 meter pig falling out of a cooker and many more… seriously impressive the way they put the effort in to capture the maddening essence of the story.

Here’s a youtube clip of the performance; in reality, it’s 6 times more impressive (hence my exact appreciation of the ratio thank you very much )

So if you fancy a trip down to the Royal Opera House, go see ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. It’s sure to change any preconceptions of classical, apparently ‘boring’, ballet.


Ana x


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