Spring in Notting Hill

Britain (and London more exactly) is currently experiencing Mediterranean temperatures, so I took advantage of that to do a little open-air shopping in Notting Hill market. And boy was I right!

Firstly, it’s a great place to find unique, cheap and fashionable jewelry, especially vintage pieces like Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. For this, I highly recommend the Hirst Antiques store, just a few 200 meters away from the tube station.

Amongst some of my finds was this amazing mother of pearl rose-sculpted bracelet for only £8! I absolutely loved the subtle shine and I can just picture it with a Chanel blazer and Chloe pink sunglasses…

Also, I fell in love with this bracelet from 81stgeneration in bronze and coral. It only takes £10 to make me happy, so I did! Well, since we’re brainstorming for stuff to make me happy, throw in a Valentino dress and Celine sunnies if you feel like it :).

You can see it here with my other bracelets: vintage Chinese enamel bangle, the new coral-bronze one, fabric woven bracelet (made by me! I know, right?!), hairband (essential) and a Chinese coin one.

I was wearing a Uniqlo denim jacket, Zara ‘New York’ T-shirt, Topshop chinos, Geox laser-cut leather trainers, Zara beige and coral bag and Accessorize sunglasses.

The amazing Dri Dri ice-cream menu and macaroons. It’s an absolute must have when you roam the streets of Notting Hill, so don’t miss the amazing Baccio flavour with dark chocolate and chewy pieces of hazelnuts – it slowly kills you inside, that’s how good it is!

And a photo of magnolias in bloom. My fave flower – I’m such a nature freak it’s quite funny!

Ana x


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