We’re not in London anymore!

You know how you pass that place which you find really intriguing but you just never take the time to stop and have a proper look? For me, that place used to be Carnaby Street. The Liberty store to be more exact. I’ve always thought it looked like some sort of Shakesperian bookstore but I was just too hyped up at the thought of all the great buys I was going to make in H&M.

But since then, something changed. Not in me, ’cause to be honest I still get high blood pressure whenever I’m close to Regent or Oxford street, but because of a friend. She was talking about how she loves the Pepe Jeans store on Carnaby Street and I was nodding like I usually do when I don’t know about something, and then when she asked me if I’ve ever been there and I said never she was like ‘Oh my god what’s wrong with you?!’. Therefore, we went to Carnaby Street on Saturday, the day for which I shall be forever grateful. 

It was the first time I actually felt like I had a goal. I had a sudden revelation of what I wanted to do with my life. At that time in history, I realized that I wanted to be rich enough to fill my house and walk-in wardrobe with things from Liberty. Seriously people, why bother going to Harrods or Selfidges? Liberty is snob-chic all the way, as exclusive and unique as you can probably get for that price range. 

What did I like about it? Well, more like love I’d say. The lifts were the coolest I’ve ever been in (paneled with vintage wood all over), the chocolate the best I can recall eating and the fashion was the most precious sight of any fabric-lover. I’m planning on going back next week with the holder of the credit card (aka mom) and trying my luck at any of the stuff I’ve put on my wish list. 

Christopher Kane skirt – can money buy a flirtier skirt?

Miu Miu, Prada or Celine sunnies- even though major sun exposure isn’t a threat in London

Givenchy scarf – the prefect accessory to go with a plain dark grey cashmere sweater

And some more of that amazing Italian Chocolates *sigh* (either one, I don’t mind)


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